Sciatica Treatment- Pinched Nerve

The largest nerve in your body is your sciatica nerve. It runs from your spinal cord base all the way to your feet. You will find that on some occasions this nerve can get pinched by something like a disk bulging. This can cause serve pain or mild pain in your back or your legs. And this kind of pain seems to be uncurable, the only one can do is try to alleviate the pain.
There are several steps that you will want to take if you find that this kind of pain unfortunately happened to you.
• Make an appointment to see your doctor so you can find out the cause of your sciatica and a way to alleviate the pain.
• Take over the counter pain medication such as ibuprofen or asprin to help with the pain. You can take around two asprin each day to help with preventing the pain from coming back even if you are not currently hurting.
• You’ better put a pillow under your knee when you are lying down. This will help to relieve some of the pressure that is on your nerve so that the feeling of pain could be alleviated.
• When the pain happens to get severe you might find it better to sleep on your floor or a mattress that is firm. You should also stay in your bed and only get out of it when it is completely necessary for two to three days.
• You should ask someone to help you when you are going to be getting out of the bed so that you are not straining you back when you get up.
• You can apply ice to the problem areas. If this does not help you can try a warm compress for relieving your pain. You should be able to tell within the first few treatments which method of sciatica treatment works best for you.
• You don’t need to try to lift anything as this will worsen the situation.
• You should not sit in chairs that are soft and you should be sure that you don’t bend if you don’t have to.
• If you pain is horrible you might ask for prescription medication to get you through till you are able to control the pain with over the counter medication.
• You will want to be sure that the diet you are eating is rich in vegetables, fiber, and fruit to help with the prevention of constipation. When you get constipated you strain and this is not good for a sciatic nerve that is already irritated. If you find that you are still constipated you will want to check into using a stool softener.
When you just have a serve pain, you may try the abovementioned ways in order to relieve your pain.