Relation between constipation and back pain

There are several reasons for occurrence of back pain. One among the factors is constipation. People suffering from constipation often experience back pain. There is a relationship between back pain and constipation. Constipation is painful, frustrating and debilitating. Overloaded intestine causes traces of feces to remain in the tube. Changing eating habits is the main reason behind occurrence of constipation. Straining hard during stool movement creates larger amount of stress on lower back region of the body. Not attending to the problem in an early stage makes it impossible for the user to lead a normal life.
Provided below are few symptoms that will help an individual develop a relation between constipation and back pain.
1. The pain increases excessively during bowel movement.
2. There is no pain when an individual lies on the bed.
3. The pain radiates to the upper portion of the back region.
4. The pain increases over a period and remains active all through the day. There is no improvement in pain even after medication.
5. Loss of appetite and excessive eating increases the pain.
Presence of these symptoms increases back pain to the maximum. It is important for an individual to establish a relation between back pain and constipation. This makes it easy to find the right treatment that eliminates the origination of constipation. Approaching a reputed doctor is helpful. Apart from medication, an individual should also change their lifestyle. There is an immediate need to change the food habits and timings. Eating healthy is important to ensure proper functioning of digestive system. a good digestive system initiates smooth flow of waste from the body in the form of feces through large intestine.
A smooth flow is essential to reduce stress on the lower back region of the body. This is possible only when an individual changes their eating habits and actively participates in exercises. Exercises are good for health. They improve the overall strength development in the body while reducing storage of unwanted calories and fat contents. By eliminating constipation, an individual will lead a normal life that is devoid of back pain. It is also important to design an exercise schedule along with a good diet chart. Combination of these charts makes it possible for the individual to overcome both constipation and back pain with a short period. Attending to the ailment in an early stage is essential to ensure proper health and avoid surgical procedures in later stages.