Medicinal Help in Sciatica Pain

Sometimes, you would notice, that your back is aching consistently, and you cannot hold on to a particular position while working because your back pains too much. Do you know, this can be sciatica pain? Yes, you have cause to be alarmed, as generally, this kind of pain happens if you have been hunched over, or slouched in the same position for hours, days, or weeks, or had a fall, followed by intense pain. There can be a huge number of reasons behind sciatica, but you need to look at the remedies rather than looking at the problem.
What medicines would help with sciatica pain?
A lot of people suggest that analgesic medication often reduces the pain. This is quite an urban myth, because doctors have proven there are no changes in the pain condition when you take some form of analgesic to combat sciatica. Also, aspirins have no effect against the pain, as well as many forms of antihistamine. One of the things that you would be given in the advanced stages of sciatica pain is an epidural injection, to stop your nerve endings from screaming out. Otherwise, there is few medication that actually helps in the pain.
What kind of medication should I get?
If your sciatica is caused by nervous reasons, after confirming it with your doctor, you can either select a long term bed rest (which is by far one of the best remedies of sciatica) which would improve the condition. Or, you can go for a surgery, which would reduce the problem considerably. However, if you are afraid of the knife, and do not want to undergo such drastic measures, you can always select more harmless methods.
There are medicines for muscular pains, which can work perfectly on you if your sciatica pain is caused by muscular dysfunction. Anti-inflammatory drugs are often prescribed, along with good quality muscle relaxant drugs, which would form a temporary solution to your problem. However, if you continue to abuse your body and disobey the instructions given to you, it would result in further pain. Then anti-depressants might be prescribed alongside these muscle relaxants. However, you should leave the prescriptions to the doctor, who definitely knows better, and would give you medication to combat your problem. Do not try to play the doctor and take over the counter drugs, as this might do you more harm than good, and aggravate your pain.