Are You Suffering From Sciatica Nerve Pain? Find Out All About It

Sciatica nerve pain is caused due to compression of any of the five spinal nerve roots that give birth to each sciatic nerve. A person suffering from sciatica will experience pain in the lower back, various parts of the leg, foot and buttock. It is important to diagnose the disease at an early stage so as to provide the right treatment that reduces the development of pain. There are many reasons why a person suffers from sciatica in a lifetime. There is an aggression in the pain when a person is exposed to prolong cold conditions.
Sciatica nerve pain low relatively terms to development of pain in lower back of the body, it is always misunderstood the single diagnose. Sciatica may be referred as a set of symptoms that are observed in a patient. Hence, it is critical to consider every single symptom as mentioned by the patient to understand the root cause of the pain. Treatment can vary from person to person as the symptoms of sciatica changes irrespectively. The use of the term “sciatica” date backs to the year 1451. The three main causes of sciatica are spinal disc herniation, spinal stenosis and piriformis syndrome.
Causes of sciatica
Sciatica nerve pain is generally caused due to compression of lumbar nerves or sacral nerves or by sciatica nerve itself. Depending upon the development of origin for sciatica, the cause and the exact term are categorized. Lumbar radiculopathy, spinal disc herniation, spondylitis and degenerated discs are few of the terms that are abbreviated depending upon the origination. Diagnosis is generally carried out using physical examination or through magnetic resonance imaging and computerized tomography. MR Neurography has helped around 95% of the total population diagnose the root cause for sciatica. The physical test consists of the straight leg rising test that helps diagnose the presence of sciatica.
The only way to overcome sciatica nerve pain is with proper treatment and regular exercises. It is also important that the diagnosis for sciatica has been carried out at an earlier stage. Elective surgery may also be included as part of treatment depending on the level of presence of sciatica. Though a complete your may not be possible, with the right kind of treatment available, one can easily subdue the developmental activity of sciatica. Hence, it is important to keep complete track record of the health and also note the possible changes that occur physically from time to time.