Spotting the Location of your Sciatica Pain

Do you know that you are one in a million cases of sciatica? Do you think that your case is similar to every other case? Every individual has their own reason to having this problem. You cannot just pinpoint one cause, because the truth is, there are many separate and individual causes for this pain, and yours is just one of them. There can be cases like muscular disorder, or a nervous issue, which are the two commonest causes of sciatica. However, how do you know which kind do you have?

One of the things you need to do is to know from where your sciatica pain begins. There are thousands of cures listed online, but the truth is, as every individual has been affected by a particular method, and cured by a certain way, they tend to think that their way is the best. This is not really true, as the common proverb of “what sauce is for the geese is for the gander” does not work here. The reason is simple –every individual body is unique, and the pain issues they seem to have are different from others. Once you understand this, your next step becomes simple.

Locating and Identifying the Pain
Locating the nervous problems behind sciatica
So how do you locate your sciatica pain? A great method to check for sciatica caused by nerve compression is by sitting straight on a chair and then slowly lifting up your right or left leg straight ahead. If the pain intensifies, then the problem you have is probably nervous. If the pain does not intensify, then the problem is possibly muscular. What happens here is that one of the nerve roots here has been compressed by bones of your spine, and that is causing a lot of pain to you. The bones of your spine might be somehow ruptured, and that intensifies the pain considerably.

Locating the muscular disorder behind sciatica
When you are suffering from muscular problem of sciatica, then you need to do another exercise. Generally, the muscle which causes this pain is piriformis, and to identify the pain, you should try sitting straight on a chair, then bringing your right foot over to your left shoulder. If you feel intense pain, then your problem is muscular, and you need to work on the issue straight away. The best way to deal with it is then, by going to a doctor.