Massage and Diet as Part of Sciatica Treatment

Do you know that a big part of your body’s painful problems, like sciatica and gallstones, might be caused from what you constantly consume? Do you know that when you ignore vegetables, and keep on eating too much meat and proteins, it can actively harm you and cause you a lot of trouble? When it comes to sciatica treatment, natural herbs and food plays a big role in relaxing the body and reducing the pains. Apart from exercise and other therapeutic measures, you would have to eat right to deal with this kind of problem.

There are two primary causes of such a problem like sciatica. These can be either muscular disorder, or a nervous condition. If it is a muscular problem, then exercise can work well on it, as well as a good diet, but in case of a nervous disorder, you would feel in pain if you work your spine too much, possibly by sitting still too much, or doing some form of exercise that puts your spinal cord in a difficult position.

Sciatica Treatment at Home with Natural Remedies

Chamomile is an excellent muscle relaxant, and you can infuse some of its essence or add its extracts to some form of vegetable oil, and rub it over your affected areas to reduce the pain in those areas as part of your sciatica treatment. Another great relaxant is lavender, which can also put you to sleep. Rest is one of the best ways to reduce pain issues, and your nerves would start relaxing in sleep.

One of the biggest reasons why you might be affected by a problem like sciatica is due to your spinal cords pressing the nerve endings of your sciatica nerve. This is an extremely painful situation, and you can use ice to bring down the pain, along with using some form of menthol-infused oil to reduce the muscular pain and numb the area.

A lot of people swear that by drinking a lot of fluids for a period of time, they have been able to truly reduce their sciatica pain. This, as well as the famous raw juice diet, can be the building blocks over which you can reduce and actively cure your problem. A big part of sciatica treatment is fasting for a period of 3-7 days with drinking only raw, natural fruit and vegetable j