Yogic Sciatica Exercises to get rid of Pain

Yoga is one of the best ways of alleviating pain, and releasing stress and known sciatica exercises. This form of workout began in the ancient times in India, and it still remains one of the best ways of increasing your body’s flexibility. There are several known cures for sciatica in the ancient yogic sciatica exercises, and some of them would be discussed today. You would need an exercise mat to do these workouts, because yoga is best done on the floor. We would start by detailing a simple, slow workout, meant as a great set sciatica exercises for anyone.

1. Padmasana or the Lotus Posture – you need to sit on the mat, cross-legged, and then, with your right hand, hold your right foot and pull it out over your left thigh. And then, with your left hand, hold your left foot, and pull it over your right thigh. Then, rest both your hands over your knees, palms up, and close your eyes. Count 20 breaths slowly, inhaling and exhaling all the way, taking deep breaths in and out, and then open your eyes. Relax and slowly release the posture.

2. Bajrasana or Lightning Posture – now you need to sit on your knees, resting the body over it, and putting your hands over your knees, palms down. Your feet can support your buttock, as you sit. Close your eyes, inhale and exhale slowly 20 times. Open your eyes and relax from the posture.

3. Paban Mukta Asana or Wind Release Posture –these sciatica exercises are great for muscle pain, and at the same time works wonders if you have indigestion and feel bloated. Lie down, flat on your back, and slowly, lift up one knee till it touches your chest. Now with both your hands, grab that knee and hold the posture, not bending the other leg, for 10 breaths. Relax, and then repeat the process with the other leg. Repeat the procedure 5 times for each leg. Relax.

4. Bhujangasana or Snake Posture – you need to lie down on your stomach, and make sure your body is completely stretched and straight. Now, using both your palms, while inhaling air, lift the front of your body up with the aid of your hands to make your back arch. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds, before slowly releasing the breath and slowly lying face down.

5. Sabasana or Death Posture – Lie down flat on your back, with your hands to your sides. Relax for 1-3 minutes, closing your eyes, relaxing all your muscles.