Why does Sciatica Pain Happen?

One of the often-asked questions that come quite naturally to us is the big one –why am I suffering from sciatica pain? People seem to think that they have done nothing wrong, but still they face problems like back pain and leg ache which is identified as sciatica. The truth is, there are thousands of protocols your body has, and you would be surprised to know just how important the sciatica nerve is to your body. Generally, when the nerve is somehow irritated, it causes painful sensation to make sure you know that you have not been treating your body right. It is always a kind of indicator for you to realize, that what you have been doing recently has not been the right thing to do to your body.
People who sit in one position for long hours often suffer from sciatica pain. Now, why does this happen? Well, you see, when your spinal cord is forced to maintain a certain position for a long time, it starts to press against some of the vital nerves of your body. Your tailbone or the end of your vertebra, then starts to press against the nerve endings located at the small of your back. One of the biggest nerves of your body is the sciatica nerve, and inevitably after a while, your nerve is pressed into by the bone. This induces pain sensation at the small of your back, and to the places where the sciatica nerve is extended to, like your hamstring muscles inside your legs. You would feel the pain sensation coming from different sources at times, as the nerve itself would be painful, conveying the pain to other parts of your anatomy. Then you would be confused, and you might misdiagnose it as something else. However, taking pain pills for it is never a good idea. You need to root to the cause of the sciatica pain and then make sure you make it go away.
A good way of lowering the sciatica pain is by the aid of good, nutritious food that would increase the metabolism and blood circulation of your body. To that effect, you should eat better, and also, go to the doctor to identify your problem correctly. Your doctor would be able to tell you which part of your anatomy is causing trouble, and what is bothering your system. Then you can deal with the pain succinctly.