Types of Sciatica Surgery And Their Importance In Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica is the longest and largest nerve present in the human anatomy. Compression of the nerve causes severe pain. A person suffering from sciatica experiences pain in the lower back portion of the body, thighs, legs and toes. A usual sciatica treatment includes medication and exercises. When there is no improvement in the condition of the pain, a person may then be referred to surgery at lower back. This is the last step present to cure sciatica and reduce the pain suffered by a person. The decision to undergo surgery completely depends on the patient. Continue to read ahead to understand different surgeries present to cure sciatica.
On detecting sciatica in a person, the next step involves gathering information about the root cause of the problem. Depending on this, sciatica treatment will be provided by the therapist. Two surgeries that are involved to cure sciatica are “Microdiscectomy” and “Open Decompression”.
Microdiscectomy for Sciatica
Under this particular sciatica treatment, surgery is performed if the person is prone to disc herniation. A small open surgery is carried out using magnification to remove the portion of the disc that is causing pinching effect on the nerve. The surgery is only preferred when there is no improvement in the patient even after carrying out several non-surgical treatments. It also depends on the severity of the pain and the discomfort the patient is currently undergoing to perform the surgery.
Open Decompression – Lumbar Laminectomy
This particular surgery is performed on patients who are experiencing sciatica nerve pain due to lumbar spinal stenosis. When there is no improvement with regular medication and exercises, a lumbar Laminectomy surgery is preferred to cure sciatica. A small portion of the disc or bone is removed that is causing the pinching effect on the nerve root. Surgery is only preferred after several methods that have been implemented to cure sciatica through non-surgical methods.
Sciatica treatment is important for a person to recover at a faster pace and overcome sciatica. Surgery is the last option that is usually preferred by any doctor. Many of the cases saw a good response to exercises and medication. Hence, it complete depends on the level of pain a person is currently suffering from to opt for a surgery. In the end, it is a patient’s decision to accept for a surgery. Surgeon also plays a vital role to let them understand about the factors that help a patient take the right decision.