When Sciatica Exercises are Unnecessary

Are you suffering from sciatica? Has your friends or family members found out? Are they suggesting tips with which they have got great results? Are you reading up on sure shot sciatica exercises which are bound to reduce the pain? If you are, then we have one suggestion for you, and that is for you to stop what you are doing right now!
The problem of sciatica is not something that has one single cause. And likewise, does not have one single answer. People who combat this problem are often blindsided, because they try so many different methods to get rid of the pain, and then find one fool proof plan. And they think that their method is totally awesome, and it is the only way you can get rid of the pain. So, they suggest different kinds of sciatica exercises that would immediately make your body feel much better. However, they do not make you feel better. In fact, you want to curl up and die, because the sciatica exercises you just did is currently killing you with the pain of it. No matter how many neck flexes you do, your body seem to scream out loud in pain, and you feel tired and helpless, because nothing works.
Now, do you know where you made the mistake? You made the mistake when you listened to someone else.
The truth is, most people are not physicians, nor are they trained to be one. They, thus, do not know the difference between different kinds of pains, and as they are trying to assume things, based on their own experience, they mostly come up with suggestions which are wrong. There are two distinct forms of sciatica, one is caused due to muscular problem, and the second one is a nervous issue. Both types of sciatica have entirely different cures.
While in muscular-related problem, the doctor advice you to do some form of exercise, like walking and jogging, in case of nerve-related problem, the best medicine is bed rest for long stretches. As these two forms of prevention are totally different, the best course for you to take would be to not listen to anyone when you have a sciatica problem. Do not do sciatica exercises without knowing your problem, and getting it diagnosed by a doctor. You might just be aggravating your condition if you do too much of exercise, stretching, or jogging.