What Is Sciatica?

Those who have never experienced sciatica themselves or don’t know of an acquaintance suffering from this deadly pain can surely thank their stars for having been spared the discomfort and misery caused by this ailment. Ask a patient suffering from sciatica pain and he will narrate his endless pain that interferes with day to day life and robs him of natural pleasures of life. Sciatica is a common problem that starts with symptoms of back pains that soon traverses down to legs and cripples a person for the time being. This is not all as there are many other symptoms that work to increase the helplessness of the patient all the time. This article attempts to explain everything associated with sciatica including its causes, symptoms, exercises and other possible cures of the ailment. So if you are a patient, or know of a dear one suffering from this ailment, read on to get a deep insight into sciatica.

Did you know that your body contains over 600 muscles out of which most are involved in maintaining the position and curvature of your spinal cord that is responsible for a normal posture? These are also the muscles that make possible movement of various other body parts. If any muscle group remains out of balance for a long time, it leads to a condition that is a breeding ground for sciatica pain to start in a person. Sciatica is a condition that can at best be described as a complex problem as it can be a creation of a number of underlying factors. Many patients can feel excruciating pain because of a single factor that can be pinpointed while there may be patients that feel the electrifying pain because of many associated or linked factors.

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