Understanding sciatica in detail

If you are experiencing pain in food, like, lower back pain or buttock, there is a possibility that you are suffering from sciatica. Occurrence of the pain makes it impossible to lead a normal life. It also becomes to sit, stand or walk. Pain, irritation and inflammation stay for a long period and over a period deteriorates health. The disc present at the lower back region of the human body provides cushioning effect. It is essential to maintain a proper posture to avoid increased pressure on this region. However, extreme stress and improper posture causes wear out of the disc that starts to compress the sciatica nerve that passes through the region.
Where out of the disk or a bulge in the disc presses sciatica nerve. The pain that starts at the lower back slowly spreads to the feet passing through buttocks. Presence of arthritis is also the reason behind occurrence of sciatica. Another reason for occurrence of sciatica is Piriformis syndrome. Under this, improper posture causes inflexibility to the muscles that further compresses the sciatica nerve. Reduction in the nerve channel is another reason for occurrence of sciatica. Spondylolisthesis also causes sciatica, as a cracked vertebra slips from its original position. This is caused due to weak abdominal muscles or prolonged contraction in an improper posture.
There is a possibility for occurrence of sciatica due to inflammation. Under such cases, the pain automatically heals over a period of six weeks. However, if you are experiencing inflammation, irritation, numbness and tingling sensation for a long period, it is time for you to pay a visit to the doctor. Evaluating the presence of sciatica in an early stage makes it easy for you to opt for the right treatment and exercises that cures the pain and improves physical fitness. It is necessary to create flexibility in muscles to avoid contraction that in turn aid in development of sciatica.
If you perform a work behind the desk for a long period, it is necessary to carry out stretching exercises from time to time. This releases tension and stress developed in the muscles. Physical strain is necessary to avoid development of weakness in muscles. Apart from a good pain management, it is necessary to participate actively in exercises that show immense improvement in sciatica problems. If the problem reaches extreme condition, the doctor may suggest a surgical procedure to adjust the disc that is causing compression of the nerve.