Solution For Sciatica Nerve Pain

One of the worst pains that one can go through is the one that is caused by the sciatica nerve pain. Many a times the pain is so severe that the person is left immobile for a very long time. The fact of the matter is that this is a problem that one has to deal with for the rest of the life. The best and the only solution is to look for a remedy that is going to best help you deal with the problem and then stick to it. Many a times the solutions don’t work because the person is hoping from one solution to the other during the pain episodes. The recommended way of going about dealing with the sciatica nerve pain is that try out different solutions when the problem is diagnosed in the start. Then pick the solution that works the best and then stick to it from there on, no need for experimentation.

As the saying goes that precaution is better than cure, it is better to stick with the exercise schedule that has been given to you by your doctor. Mostly these exercises are going to deal with the stretching exercises. These are going to ensure that the nerve points are strengthened enough to reduce the episodes of the sciatica nerve pain.

Another option that is going to help you during the problem is to work on reducing the inflammation that is caused during the pain attack. This can be done with the help of many anti inflammatory ointments that are out there. You can get the recommendation from your doctor. If you are interested in a more domesticated solution, then use the old and famous hot water bottle.

Pain killers are another way in which one can heal out the sciatica nerve pain. However, it is suggested that one should not take too heavy dosage of the medication because they turn out to be really harmful in the long run to the overall health of a person. Also, after some time the body becomes immune and one needs a heavier dosage to get the same comforting effect.

Then there is the very famous hot and cold therapy for the sciatica nerve pain that majority of the people opt for and it works for them. The thing to do is that cool the nerve area by using ice packs and once this has been done give the heat therapy.