Sciatica Treatments

To a patient of sciatica pain, suggestion of exercises seems like asking a person on wheel chair to climb Mt. Everest. If a person is not able to even perform is daily chores, he can certainly not be expected to do exercises meant to provide him relief from agonizing pain. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that exercises are farthest from the mind of a sciatica patient. However, even if you sympathisize with a sciatica patient, you must realize that ultimately the pain can be lessened only when the muscles of the patient are able to withstand the pressure and stress on his spinal column. When the muscles are toned and gain some strength, they prevent any flare up much more easily than if they are weak. But yes, to ask a patient suffering from sciatica pain to get up and to do exercises is perhaps too much.

While looking for a miracle cure, it has to be understood that sciatica pain in itself is not a disease. It is actually a symptom or a group of symptoms with an underlying cause that needs to be targeted if some sort of permanent pain relief is what one is looking for. But one thing is absolutely clear. Incorporating a few exercises that have a beneficial effect on sciatica pain in daily regime is of great help and whether a patient is taking drugs or not, these exercises ensure that his muscles are kept in a toned condition that lessen any flare up of pain. Just a few stretching exercises can bring about a drastic change in the levels of pain and signify the importance of exercise in the management of sciatica pain.

Anyone with the slightest of knowledge about the basic principle of exercises knows that they are meant to provide strength to muscles and to develop them to provide the required support to our spine. This is why even doctors rely more on exercises than on drugs to control sciatica pain and to find a permanent solution to end the sufferings of a sciatica patient.

Before starting on any sciatica cure or treatment method, it is important to find a healthcare provider with a proven track record of having cured sciatica patients. Getting to the root of the problem is often the difference between getting the right treatment or actually worsening the condition. If the doctor is able to pin point the root cause of the problem, it becomes easier to concentrate and find the right treatment method. In fact there are some herbal and home remedies that have been found to be quite effective in the treatment of sciatica. However, it all depends upon the underlying cause of pain to start on such remedies. With herbs, there is no harm or side effect which is why one can start the treatment without any fear of worsening the condition of sciatica.

Turmeric is one herb and spice that has scientifically proved to be anti inflammatory, anti septic, and anti biotic. Consuming turmeric in milk regularly has been seen to bring lots of benefits to patients suffering from sciatica. Winter green oil has also been shown to be effective in sciatica pain as a muscle pain reliever. Messaging with mustard or castor oil mixed with garlic brings a lot of relief in pain and inflammation.

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