Sciatica Surgery

These are some of the many home remedies to bring relief to sciatica patients that can be used along with exercises and medications that doctors have advised to a sciatica patient. However, when there is no response from any of these methods, surgery remains the only available option to sciatica patient. In fact, though complex and not easy to perform, sciatica surgery has been performed on millions of sciatica patients to bring relief from the untold misery and suffering. Though with passage of time and advancement in techniques, many cures and treatment methods of sciatica pain are available to patients, it is seen that not many get true long lasting relief from the symptoms of sciatica pain which is why it becomes necessary to undergo surgery to get rid of the problem.

Though surgery has relieved thousands from their seemingly never ending pain in lower back, it is also true that there are scores of patients whose sufferings did not end even after they underwent surgery. There are both pros and cons of sciatica surgery and it is prudent to be aware of the advantages as well as the downside or the cons of sciatica injury before deciding in favor of surgery. Of course surgery is costly and invokes fears in the minds of those who undergo it. It is painful also and cannot be performed without the help of anesthetics. Then there are chances that you may not be cured of your sciatica pain even after surgery and you may have to go back to all those painkillers and injections to get relief from sciatica pain as before. However, there is also the possibility of being cured once and forever, and it is this lure of enjoying life without sciatica that makes many patients go in for surgery.

Whether one goes past the stage of drugs and injections or not, it is a fact that nipping the bud in time is perhaps the best way to deal with sciatica just like all other ailments. If you are alert and do not ignore the symptoms of lower back pain at the beginning stage, you can certainly be cured of this ailment or keep it within manageable limits to enjoy the fruits of life. Regular exercising and stretching, maintaining a good posture, and taking advice of a healthcare provides as soon as one gets signals of lower back pain are some of the measures that decide if you are one of the lucky ones or condemned to live a life burdened by the agonizing pain of sciatica. The best way to deal with sciatica is to understand that it is not a disease or ailment per se but only a group of symptoms that show up because of an underlying root cause that needs to be diagnosed for any effective treatment method to start on.

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