Sciatica Exercises

Exercises play a great role in reducing the pain associated with sciatica. In many cases, complete bed rest is advised by doctors which, by restricting daily activities brings relief in sciatica pain but it also leads to back muscles becoming weak that aggravates the condition in the long run. However, all sciatica experts say in unison that doing regular exercises keeps the back muscles toned that help in preventing future flare ups. Exercises also increase blood circulation that ensures flow of nutrients across the body, especially spinal cord. These exercises also help a patient in maintaining the correct posture that is extremely important in fighting sciatica pain. A flexible body that results from regular exercises is better able to ward off sciatica symptoms.

Among exercises that have been found to be especially effective in reducing sciatica pain, Pilates are perhaps the most popular also. These are not one but a set of exercises that have effect on all core muscles of the body (including back muscles). These exercises can be easily performed with the help of specially designed equipment or on a mat. There is emphasis on quality rather than quantity and body movements that form the backbone of Pilates can be modified to suit the requirements and limitations of different individuals. In cases with patients experiencing severe sciatica pain, it is prudent to undergo Pilates exercise under the guidance of a trained and experienced Pilates Trainer.

Indian form of meditation, known as Yoga, has a number of body postures that are of great help in dealing with sciatica pain. These postures, especially those that lead to strengthening of back muscles, are helpful in reducing sciatica pain. While Yoga CD’s can be taken help of to start on these postures, it is prudent to begin under the guidance of an experienced Yoga teacher. Some of the asanas or postures as they are referred to in western world are really difficult to perform, especially by a person who is experiencing sciatica pain. However, a yoga teacher can modify these postures or reduce the intensity to make it possible for patients to do them easily.

Chinese martial art, Tai Chi, is another remedy for patients suffering from sciatica. Any patient who is in a condition to walk can carry out Tai Chi exercises that help greatly in increasing the flexibility of back muscles and joints. These exercises also improve a person’s posture and his balance that play a vital role in providing relief from sciatica pain.

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