sciatica exercises for easy pain relief

The set of symptoms with pain is nothing but the sciatica. It's caused when one of five nerve of the sciatic nerve root is compressed. It causes needles and pins sensation and complexity in moving around. Because of a problem in controlling legs, it includes back pain too. Sciatic exercise is very helpful for people who suffer from sciatic pains, one who suffers from this pain should know about this exercise.

Sciatic exercise mainly helps to build up your core muscles which helps in gaining a sufficient hold up for the spine. This is the major cause why this exercise is very much important for the relief of pain. Back pain and leg pain relief is the major focus of this exercise. Stretching sciatic exercise will help in loosening the core muscles, which helps in tension relief and in tightening the muscles. This is the reason why this type of exercise is much better for you to get relief from pain with our hurting yourself. Before starting yourself with this exercise you should make sure about the paining levels in your body to avoid overdoing the exercise and damage yourself. You should get in the practice in a deliberate and cautious manner. Stop the sciatic exercise which is very much painful immediately.

Some kinds of sciatic exercise
• Press up exercises Its very much helpful kind of exercise for leg and back pains, the way to to do this exercise is to lie on the stomach, bend your arms and palms on the floor. The abdominal muscle can be contracted when the legs are in a relaxed position. With the help your arms press your upper body up, the legs should be rested on the floor, continue it for 1 to 3 Sec. This exercise should be repeated for 10 times, twice a day.
• Extension exercise is also very much helpful in pain relief, it reduces the back pain and leg pain. With the help of arm lay on stomach , stretch the legs and arms, then the lift one arm and one opposite leg, hold on the same position for 3 seconds, then continue the same with other arms and legs. Continue this for 10 times and twice a day.
• The exercise which helps in strengthening the abdominal muscles is the curl up exercise. It can be performed on the floor, with bent knees, lying on your back, keeping arms on the chest, raised head and shoulders. Continue this for 3 seconds, perform this exercise 10 times and twice the day.
All these exercises will help pain relief to lead a happy and painless life .