Sciatica exercise to get the pain away from your body

The pain in the body elements can always be gruesome. They can make your daily work difficult. In these situations people often result into consuming pain relievers. The side effects of continuous intake of pain relievers can damage the liver and kidney functions. Performing Sciatica exercise is a healthy way to tackle the body pain. These exercises directly target the weakened nerves and muscles of the body and thus help in relieving the pain.

The set of symptoms of abdominal and back pain is called as Sciatica. The Sciatica exercise mainly includes strengthening and stretching the muscles of the body. These exercises help to align the spine, hence relieving most of the pain problems. The exercises help in relieving the soreness in the sciatic nerves. The exercises are performed on a mat used for performing yoga.

Here are 3 Sciatica exercises to perform on a daily basis to be away from pain

Back and leg exercises
This Sciatica exercise is also called as extension exercises. To perform the exercise
a) Lie down on the stomach with your legs and arms extended.
b) Raise any one of your leg and hand opposite it. Hold the position for 3 seconds.
c) Lower your raised hands and legs to the ground. Repeat the exercise for about 10 times.
The exercise should be done twice a daily. This Sciatica exercise is effective as it helps to exchange the spinal fluids in the disks.

Bending exercises
The aim of these exercises is to strengthen the abdominal muscles of the body. To perform this exercise,
a) Lie on the ground with your knees bent.
b) The arms can be positioned in 2 ways one by folding the arms on the chest and other by supporting the neck keeping the hands behind the neck.
c) Curl up the position by raising your shoulders and head above the ground and maintain the position for 3 seconds.
If you are a beginner and you are feeling tired, then do the exercise for only for 10 times initially. After you advance and feel energetic, you can increase the number of times performing the exercise. The number of times can go up to 20 to 30 times.

Leg lifting in the water
The leg lift exercise focuses on giving the stomach muscle stretches. This can help in reducing the back pain. To perform the exercise,
a) Keep your back to the side of the pool and stretch your arms at the edge of the pool.
b) Next step is to lift the both legs.
c) Additionally you can bend your knees towards the chest or you can swing your legs left and right. Perform this exercise for 10 times.