Sciatica Causes

Though sciatica is a common problem, it is really surprising that often it is hard to tell why a person suffers from this ailment. This is why it is often referred to as a back pain complex. Even experienced doctors find it difficult to pinpoint a cause. Number of medical conditions lead to sciatica such as stress and trauma at any point on spinal cord or lower back. This is understandable but when a person feels this pain and the underlying causes are as general as obesity or pregnancy, it presents a vague picture to the doctor. There can be many more underlying causes that require supervision and treatment at the right time. Many a time, there are certain conditions that are seen concurrently with sciatica and these are enumerated below

Osteomyelitis which is a problem in bone or bone marrow that causes debilitating pain and in some cases may cause even death of the patient
Spinal cord developing a tumor or tumors
Degenerative disc disease
Weakness of muscles
Excess weight
Poor nutrition
Ruptured disc that puts abnormal pressure on the spine

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