Sciatica- An Uncomplicated But Dangerous Medical Complication

In our lives, we are sometimes faced with medical conditions that we may dismiss as normal but can indeed get serious with time. Some of these conditions do not have serious effects on they on set and one can easily ignore them. They develop into serious complications over time and emerge as very severe conditions that are sometimes not curable. An example of these health conditions that are likely to be ignored on they on set is Sciatica, a condition that is caused by the general irritation or compression of the spinal cord nerve root. The spinal cord has five nerve roots and one of these nerve roots makes up the sciatic nerve. On the onset, the condition is mild and only causes pain and numbness on the legs that disappears within seconds or minutes. This quick disappearance of the pain  and numbness leads to many people ignoring it.

Sciatica leads to production of a pain from the spinal cord, down the back, into the legs and feet. It leads to sharp pin-like pains and numbness that temporarily lends the leg(s) inoperative. The leg develops a feeling of numbness and it feels as if it is not a part of the body. The leg becomes unresponsive to pain. The only pain the leg can sense is a pin-like pain originating from inside the leg.

The condition often lasts for a few seconds or a few minutes. This is the reason why many people suffering the condition do not seek medical help. They just wait for the pain to cease naturally. The lack of early medical attention leads to the development of Sciatica from a mild condition to a severe condition that can only be cured through surgery.

There direct effects of not seeking medical attention are development of the disease from a mild condition to a severe form. The indirect effects are stoppage of your activities due to the inability to move due to the numb leg.

Sciatica may seem like a non-serious condition but it is not. The condition can lead to severe losses in terms of accidents that can occur when the condition occurs when you are operating a machine or a motor vehicle. They may few seconds of an inoperative leg(s), but those few seconds can turn into unimaginable losses depending on the work of the conditions victim.