Rest Is The Best Cure For Sciatica

The sciatica nerve pain can turn really ugly at times to the extent that one is forced to stay in bed for the whole day. While the best way to deal with sciatica is to take the precaution and opt for regular exercise that is going to ensure that you don’t get the pain attacks often, when one does happen the best way to treat is to take rest. Many people are not comfortable staying in bed the whole day but it is suggested that in order to limit this confinement to a single day only, it is better to spend one day in bed instead of having to spend more than one in it.
Along with the rest therapy during the extreme episodes of sciatica nerve pain one can also take a pain killer to get some comfort. However, again it is suggested that one does not get hooked on to the painkillers a lot. They do give the comfort for the time period but taking too many of them is not going to help at all and in the long run it is going to be harmful for your overall health as well.
For cases where the pain is not too much, it is suggested that instead of taking the pills, you opt for some herbal options to tone down the pain. Taking a hot water bottle is one way in which one can comfort oneself here. Another option with which one can distract from the sciatica nerve pain while staying in bed is to read a book, watch movies or use your laptop for gaming or something that interests you. The reason for suggesting this is that one, staying in bed all day without an activity is going to bore you to death anyways and also doing this is not a healthy manner to spend the day. Many studies have shown that pain has a lot to do with the brain activity as well, so in order to take your mind off it, distracting yourself with an activity that you like is going to be a right direction as well.
There are many ways in which one can get rid of sciatica nerve pain and not every method is going to work for everyone. The best way to get a solution for your sciatica nerve pain is to try out different solutions initially and see what suits you best.