Pregnancy and Back Pain

Pregnant women often experience back pain. There is also a possibility for continuation of pain even after delivery. The human anatomy undergoes several changes during and after pregnancy for a female. Pelvic and abdomen muscles stretch to the maximum to accommodate the growth of the baby in the womb. This causes the lower back region of the body to bear the over burden to stabilize the spinal structure as well as the upper part of the body. As there is no additional support to these muscles, the overburden causes severe pain in the lower back region.

The lower back region muscles play a major role in providing cushioning affect to the entire upper region. They also stabilize the body and ensure proper posture to the spinal region. However, during pregnancy, this case alters due to growth of the baby. Overburden and improper posture are two important elements that constitute to increase in back pain during pre and post pregnancy stage. The overburden on the lower region muscles alters the shape of the spinal structure creating a forward bent. The change in the shape of the spinal structure in turn alters the shape of the muscular torso.

There is only one way to overcome the pain during pre and post pregnancy – exercise and yoga. There is a need to improve strength in abdominal muscles to make them strong enough to bear the additional load during pregnancy. Yoga offers an excellent way to flex muscles and induce strength. Participating in maternity yoga classes will be of great help for women during their pregnancy. All the exercises are aimed at improving the strength in muscles. Releasing stress levels from muscles is essential to make sure that they do not cause pain. Starting slowly and proceeding according to the directions of the therapist is essential to make sure that there is no effect on pregnancy.

There are several yoga professionals excelling in the field of maternity yoga. Participating in the session will be helpful for both the mother and the new born. Yoga also reduces stress level in the body and improves blood flow, which is an essential element during this stage. Internet is the best way to find out details related to reputed therapists and yoga professionals. Gathering information related to a healthy diet chart also helps overcome back pain. A good combination of exercises and eating habits will improve the condition and helps maintain good health.

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