Lifestyle Improvements to Achieve Better Sciatica Treatment Results

One of the reasons why the number of sciatica cases is growing is the sedentary lifestyle fill with stressed that most of us lead. If you target these aspects, you can enhance the results from the main sciatica treatment which you are receiving. Here are some essential tips on how to do this.
Improved Office Desk Ergonomics
If you spend long hours sitting behind your desk, this naturally takes its toll on your lower back and on your entire musculoskeletal system for that matter. You can reduce the negative effect to the possible minimum and get better results from your sciatica treatment with desk ergonomics. This is all about adjusting your chair, desk and computer so that you can work comfortably while your bones, tendons and enjoy experience the smallest amount of stress.
The backrest of your chair should provide lumbar support. It’s important to choose the chain in line with your height and weight. When you are seated, your torso and your legs should form an angle of 90 to 120 degrees. Your feet should rest flat on the floor. The seat should not be pushing your calves forward. The top of the monitor should be at the level of your eyes.
Daily Stretching and Exercise
You should do some simple stretching exercises the moment you get out of bed. In general, it is best to choose a mattress which can provide proper support and rest to the entire spinal cord. Going back to the stretching, you should continue to do it throughout the day. Give yourself five-minute breaks to do a few exercises every hour or two. This along with the desk ergonomics will help you to avoid stiffness and to keep and improve your sciatica treatment results.
You should also strive to do aerobic exercise for at least an hour every day. If you don’t have enough time to go to the gym, you can take a walk or jog in the nearby park. It is up to you to decide what you want to do to enhance your sciatica treatment.
Keeping Stress under Control
Getting sufficient rest, using relaxation techniques such as meditation and engaging in fun activities are all great ways to reduce the stress in your daily life. Eating healthy food is also a factor that you should not underestimate. Proper hydration is essential. If you put genuine effort into making improvements, they will work.
When you feel better overall, you will certainly get the best possible results from your sciatica treatment.