How to get relief from sciatic nerve pain?

Sciatic nerve pain is a disorder that arises because of the compression of sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve of the body. The pain in this nerve is usually felt by the person from lower back to behind the thigh. It may be radiated down to the knee and even the foot. There are various treatment methods available for the cure of sciatic nerve pain. The process of cure is dependent upon the underlying cause and the severity of sciatic nerve pain.

Sciatic nerve pain details

The sciatic nerve pain is caused mainly due to the pressure or compression of the sciatic nerve. There are many reasons behind the pain. However, the most common cause of problem is compression that may be caused due to increase pressure load on the sciatic nerve. The pain is typically felt on the lower back of body. This is also the origin of sciatic nerve pain. At first, there is mild sensation of pain, but later on the sensation may become more and frequent painful attacks are generated. The pain continues to grow down the leg. The passage of pain is through buttocks to the back of thighs at first. When the problem starts to grow, it becomes severe and reaches the back of knees. In more severe cases, the pain can be felt on the foot too. This can lead to the inability of leg functioning. The leg may become weak and may lead to the permanent inability of leg muscles.

Causes of sciatic nerve pain

There are many causes of sciatic nerve pain. However the major cause that is associated with the sciatic pain is lumbar disc herniation. In this case, the lumbar disc herniation presses the nerve directly. This causes irritation in the sciatic nerve that automatically causes inflammation leading to severe pain. This is the one main reason behind the sciatic nerve pain. The process of pain production in the nerve due to an abdominal intervertebral disc is known as radiculopathy. There are some other causes of sciatic nerve pain aside from this cause. The irritation of nerve from adjacent bone also leads to sciatica nerve pain. Certain tumors also lead to the pain in sciatic nerve. Internal bleeding may be associated with the pain too. The internal bleeding may be occurred due to injection or other injury to the tissues. During pregnancy, the irritation in sciatic nerve may be developed.

Treatments of sciatic nerve pain

The best treatment method for sciatic nerve pain is providing enough rest to the leg. Therefore, most physicians advise bed rest to the patients suffering from sciatic nerve pain. There are some other methods such as the use of medications like Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and COX-inhibitors. The use of some steroidal injections is also done to provide instant relief from the pain. There are some surgical methods that can also be used for the treatment of sciatic nerve pain. These methods are employed only in case when severe problem is seen in the patients. Physical exercises are also involved in the process of treatment too.