Getting sciatica treatment at home

Sciatica can be a literally a pain in the ass but fortunately sciatica treatment can be done right at home without spending on medication or injections. These involve tried and tested home remedies that seek to relieve pain.

Sciatica treatment done at home may involve the use of herbs, alternative medical procedure and physical therapy. Used alone or in combination, whatever works to relieve the pain without relying on medication is up to you. When in doubt, ask your doctor.

• Turn to nature. Herbs that have been used as sciatica treatment include those that can be made into poultices or taken as juice. About 10 ounces of juiced potato, celery, elderberry, beetroot or carrot must be taken daily to relieve pain. A poultice of freshly ground horseradish applied to your lower back is said to perform miracles. Use only fresh herbs that can be consumed immediately.
• Try therapy. Hot and cold compresses when used correctly can numb the pain and reduce the inflammation. Stretching exercises, especially in the lower back and hamstrings, can reduce sciatic nerve pain. Holding the stretch for at least 30 seconds will relieve the pain. Therapeutic massages that stretch the back, thigh and leg muscles will give relief.
• Go alternative. Yoga poses, like the downward facing dog or torso twists, help reduce nerve strain and keep sciatic pain away. Acupuncture uses long needles to numb the pain at the nerves. Chiropractors reduce the compression at the back while hypnosis can teach your subconscious mind to ignore the pain when it occurs. Before you seek treatment from these, seek the advice of a medical professional so that any existing medical conditions you may have can be checked if it safe to proceed.

Done correctly, sciatica treatment at home can provide immense relief when sciatic pain attacks. It is important to note that even without treatment, sciatica will resolve on its own. However, if you want to keep the discomfort away, certain measures help. A firm supportive bed, using ergonomic furniture, keeping the right posture and staying away from heavy loads are suggested to prevent it from occurring in the future.

All of these sciatica treatment suggested here might work for mild cases of sciatica. For more severe cases, it is still best to consult your healthcare professional. They would be able to diagnose what type of sciatica you have and give you the specific treatment for it.