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  1. T McCarty says:

    I have experienced severe sciatic pain in my right leg for many months now. Nothing helped. My son found your booklet on line. He emailed it to me I copied it and started that very night. The pain began to get better. Within a week was gone. I couldn’t believe it. I am so grateful not to have pain 24/7.

  2. Annette Bowman says:

    In desperation early yesterday morning Mon. 17th March ’14 I bought the sciatica e-book and was very sceptical indeed on reading the instructions. I just couldn’t believe how such a simple procedure could get rid of this dreadful infliction . I’ve had sciatica for fifteen months which began after severe back pain on picking up an extremely heavy object. The pain is indescribable but the nature of it never stays the same ranging from a feeling similar to raging toothache in my left leg to some-one loading concrete blocks on my back. My symptoms became worse after a steroid spinal epidural injection last July. I have done so much physio, polatis and Alexander Technique but to no avail. I can’t believe that it appears to have vanished in 24 hours!

  3. Lowina Moar says:

    is this a book that I can get mail to my home address or just a book on line
    Please reply asap
    Thank you

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